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The Chase: Ultimate Edition is Apple’s GAME OF THE DAY!

The Chase: Ultimate Edition is Apple’s GAME OF THE DAY!


Impossible starring Rick Edwards is out now!

Get the official Impossible quiz show App on iOS and Android! Rick Edwards challenges you to take on a series of fun-packed rounds from the hit BBC quiz show Impossible! Have you got what it takes to beat the £10,000 Question?


Mensa IQ Check

New Release – Mensa IQ Check


The official Mensa IQ Check app is now available! The worldwide organisation for people with an IQ in the top two percent invites you to find out what your indicator IQ is.

Mensa IQ Check provides genuine Mensa questions of the type used in official Mensa test papers. Hundreds of different questions ensure that every check you do is a new challenge.

Are you in the top two percent?


Barnstorm has 5 of Apple’s Top 20 Games of 2018

Apple published the iPhone’s top 20 best selling paid games of 2018, and Barnstorm Games is proud to have developed 5 of them!

The Chase is #1 on Apple TV!

The Chase: Ultimate Edition is #1 on Apple TV! Search for The Chase on your Apple TV or Fire TV to take on the Chasers on the big screen!