Barnstorm’s Evel Knievel App is now Free-to-Play on iOS

Can you become a legendary daredevil in the official Evel Knievel App?

London, September 15th, 2016:

Barnstorm Games today announced a major update for the #1 Racing Game on iOS, Evel Knievel, with new features and a new free-to-play format.  The paid version proved hugely popular at launch, being featured by Apple in the US, UK and most territories in mainland Europe.  The App went on to become the number one Racing Game on iPad in 43 countries, and in 28 countries on iPhone.  This first major update adds two exciting new features: super strength and the ability to rewind the final jump; and with the introduction of free-to-play the game is now accessible to a wider audience.

Evel Knievel is an action bike game that allows players to perform crazy stunts and breathtaking jumps at Evel’s historic jump sites; created by the developers of the #1 Apps The Chase, Tipping Point and Mensa Brain Test.  Fans have the chance to collect iconic outfits and vehicles, and then take part in jumps at venues such as Caesars Palace and Wembley.  Bike game enthusiasts and seventies children can play as the definitive motorcycle hero on iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad® and iPad mini™ in the official Evel Knievel app.  Available to download free from the App Store.

“This is a major update for our #1 selling Evel Knievel app that adds some terrific new features,” stated Simon Jeffrey, CEO of Barnstorm Games.  “So many fondly remember Evel’s crazy exploits, but with the new free-to-play mechanic the game will now be available to a broader demographic, and will likely introduce Evel Knievel to many younger fans for the first time,” added Simon Jeffrey.

“It was fantastic, and very appropriate, to see the Evel Knievel app become the #1 Racing Game in so many countries at launch,” stated Kelly Knievel. “It is exciting to think that this free-to-play version of the game will open up the game to even more Evel fans, as well as extreme sports and motorcycle enthusiasts,” added Knievel. 


Notes to Editors

About the app:

Now it’s your chance to step into the shoes of the original daredevil hero with the official Evel Knievel game!

Relive his spectacular career, starting with a humble 250cc Scrambler jumping Rattlesnakes and Lions, working your way up to insane jumps like 13 London Buses and the Las Vegas Casino Fountain on the 750cc Ultimate.  Have fun doing wheelies, flips, loops and many other stunts. Negotiate exciting obstacles such as flaming hoops, springboards and cranes.

Earn money from completing jumps to buy super strength, jump rewinds and loads of fantastic bikes and outfits, including: Evel’s iconic white and blue leathers.  And now you can even get the awesome Jet-Powered Stratocycle via in-app purchase!

Can you become the ultimate daredevil hero?

For more information about the official Evel Knievel app visit: www.evelknievelapp.com.  Evel Knievel is developed and published by Barnstorm Games and available to download free from the App Store.  Email: PR@barnstormgames.com


  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • 27 Challenging Jumps in 9 Historic Locations, including:
    • Las Vegas (Casino Fountain)
    • Chicago (Man Eating Sharks!)
    • Ontario (18 Cars and a Van)
    • London (13 London Buses)
  • 11 Amazing Bikes, including:
    • 250cc Scrambler
    • 650cc Deluxe
    • 750cc Ultimate
    • The Jet-Powered Stratocycle (in-app purchase)
  • 8 Classic Outfits and 19 Special Helmets to collect
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Dozens of Goals (Complete goals to Level Up Evel and boost his stats)
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies to earn on each Jump
  • Evel coins can be earned or are available via In-App Purchase or from 
watching rewarded video.

“A man can fall many times in life, but he’s never a failure if he tries to get up!”Evel Knievel

For more information about the Evel Knievel App visit www.evelknievelapp.com.  The Official Evel Knievel app is developed and published by Barnstorm Games. Email: PR@barnstormgames.com


About Barnstorm Games

Barnstorm Games publishes, distributes and develops interactive entertainment products on multiple formats, available throughout the world.  Titles include: The Chase, the No.1 on iOS and Android; Tipping Point, the No.1 Game on iOS and Android; Mensa Brain Test, the No.1 iOS Entertainment App in 17 countries; Let’s Draw, the UK No.1 DS title; Hello Kitty Party; Mensa Academy, the No.1 Education App on iOS; Perfection on iOS and Android; Mensa Brain Training on iOS and Pro Pinball. Further information about Barnstorm Games and its products can be found at: www.barnstormgames.com. Software © 2016 Barnstorm Games Ltd.

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